What to consider when preparing your next digital campaign

What to consider when preparing your next digital campaign

In an ever-expanding digital world, brands can feel the pressure to be all things to all people. But it doesn’t need to be so complicated. 

Not every digital campaign will achieve viral success, but every campaign must stay true to the brand objectives and provide value to the target audience. 

There are four key points to remember when planning a digital marketing strategy:

  1. Connect with your audience: define the user needs for the journey and then overlay the brand objectives.

  2. Surprise and delight: aim to create signature points that articulate the brand, while also adding the element of surprise and delight.

  3. Don’t ask too much: ask very little of consumers and focus on providing value.

  4. Encourage engagement: provide tangible rewards for engagement, such as exclusives, discounts, etc.

If you know your audience, if you know where to find them, what they like and how they like to interact with brands, then you can still create meaningful, relevant digital content that aligns with your brand objectives.

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