What is Digital?

What is Digital?

Today’s world of advertising and communications has significantly changed and social media has gone from being purely ‘social’, to a 24/7 marketplace all of its own.

Businesses are left scratching their heads trying to tackle the challenges of growing market share through this seemingly new world of social media, video and digital advertising.

So what is digital?

Have you ever seen a product advertised on your Facebook feed or in a story you are reading online and clicked on it to have a look? Have you noticed that following this view, that particular product seems to pop up on every site you visit online and in your social media feeds? This is digital advertising – creating a footprint from your first “look”.  The digital world is where today’s consumers can shop, compare, research, seek out peer reviews and look at product video, 24/7.

Video and social media are undoubtedly the “new” marketing. Digital advertising and an active online presence linked through social media is now essential. Video brings the product to life, giving consumers a virtual look at a product that was previously advertised in print or in one dimensional e-commerce based websites. Adding a video of your product to your website or social media sites can significantly drive sales and engagement.

The reality is that today’s consumers do not rely on the advertiser’s message They want credible reviews and ratings (we can all spot the fakes), they want video demonstrations, they want creative, emotive and exciting content that will fuel their motivation to buy, to join, to engage with or to talk about.

Simply put, if your consumers are seeking information and peer reviews through social media and video, then you should be in this space.

The youth market is into Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat and whilst you may think this is purely a social forum, it is a powerful conversational marketplace for brands to be exposed and supported in a viral context.

Other demographic groups are into Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Periscope. These are powerful channels for businesses to get their product in front of their consumer, 24/7 - and often at minimal cost.

Digital communication is perhaps the most targeted advertising you can engage in. Users are ‘opting in’ to follow you on social media, they are sharing and commenting. They are clicking on your online advertising and viewing video that will influence their purchasing activity. They can however just as easily opt out if your content is not engaging and active.

Digital communications is driving the marketplace – is your business making the most of this new media?

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