Social Media’s Advantages Over Traditional Media

Social Media’s Advantages Over Traditional Media

While traditional media remains as a prominent and somewhat effective marketing tool, social media is rapidly becoming the most effective and beneficial marketing tool for all businesses.

Why use social media compared to traditional media?

  • Cost. Compared to traditional marketing channels social media costs nothing for businesses to set up. The real cost to a business is the time and resources you need to put aside to create a social media policy and online reputation management strategy, set up the sites, find fresh and exciting content, monitor and upgrade the sites regularly as well as promote the sites to find new audiences and followers.
  • Engagement. Social media marketing allows you to have a dialogue with people important to your business in a way few advertising and promotional tools can. The conversational nature and accessibility allows you to breathe life into your brand and connect with your client’s one-on one, through comments, feedback and content.
  • Traffic. Social media marketing also helps by driving traffic to your website. People following your company social pages have already indicated they are interested in your company. Entice people to visit your website by posting updates on social networks of new product lines, run exclusive promotions and so on.
  • Flexibility. Unlike traditional marketing campaigns, such as print, radio or television advertising, you have limitation on the changes you can make without incurring huge costs. With social media marketing you have the flexibility and adaptability to add or delete promotions, make changes to your campaigns at a moment’s notice with minimal set-up time required.
  • Measure Success. You can easily evaluate social media campaigns through each network’s own analytic software such as Facebook Insights or through Google Analytics.

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