Instagram Stories vs Snapchat Stories

Instagram Stories vs Snapchat Stories

Instagram’s recent launch of ‘Stories’ has received criticism for blatantly copying another platform’s feature, in this case, Snapchat Stories. This is not an uncommon occurrence as Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, has previously been criticised for seemingly copying other platform features, most notably, the ‘Like’ from FriendFeed, and the ‘Trending’ from Twitter.

Important differences exist between Instagram and Snapchat stories, which will ultimately determine which platform suits your business and the success of each platform in the future.

The similarities are obvious as the concept of Stories is identical between Snapchat and Instagram. Both ‘Stories’ allow the user to share a photo or 10 second video that disappears after 24 hours, with extra interface features such as stickers and text.

Differences are evident in the basic user interface and user experience, but the most important difference is that of Snapchat’s Filters. Snapchat’s main differentiation and source of competitive advantage is the integration of Geofilters, face mapping filters and motion filters, which provides users with a more entertaining experience and allows brands to creatively advertise. Whereas Instagram only allows users to draw over Stories, add text and simple colour filters. However, Facebook’s recent purchase of the Masquerade app may see the integration of face mapping filters in Instagram Stories in the near future.

In terms of business application, both platforms are attractive options. Snapchat holds a high ratio of loyal millennial followers, boasts high user engagement, and the Stories feature allows brands to share message across a full-screen live format that is reflective of TV advertising. Regardless of Instagram’s reported drop in sharing and negative publicity from copying ‘Stories’, the platform still boasts an enormous reach of 300 million daily users and now offers a similar experience to Snapchat Stories.

Currently, Snapchat stories has better filters and boasts much more customisation that appeals to both users and business, however, Instagram stories has a wider reach due to its scale and parent company.

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