How To Maximise Your Facebook News Feed Signal

How To Maximise Your Facebook News Feed Signal

Facebook is an essential communication tool and provides businesses with opportunities to hold immense social reach and engagement. However, there are some disadvantages to Facebook that businesses must be aware of, namely Facebook’s News Feed algorithm.

It is no secret that stories from friends and family are going to be given precedence over your brand’s content, simply because users are more likely to be engaging with more personally-relevant posts.

This makes it more of a challenge to get significant organic reach for your page, but it also underlines the need for Page managers to focus on engagement and interaction with their followers, as opposed to using the platform as a broadcast or advertising medium.

Of course you need to tell people about your brand but you also have to consider how you’re encouraging interaction and how you’re engaging with your audience in comparison to how they would be interacting and responding to other posts.

The most effective ways to generate user engagement and interactivity are:

  • Write compelling headlines. Publishers should seek to write compelling headlines that give people a real sense of the content that’s behind that click
  • Avoid overly promotional content. Posting too much promotional content can cause your audience to get less interested in your posts over time, which can lead to reduced reach
  • Try Things. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different content, you need to experiment and test different methods to determine what resonates most with your audience, whether that’s long-form content, short-form, video, image posts.
  • Publisher tools. Your publisher tools, like Facebook Insights, are your key guide point as to how your content is performing and your audience response. It’s crucial that you spend time analysing the data and comparing what works in order to understand what you should be posting and what your audience wants to see.

The more you can connect with your audience and generate interaction, the stronger your News Feed signal will be.

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