How Live Streams Are Creating More Opportunities To Gain Consumer Trust

How Live Streams Are Creating More Opportunities To Gain Consumer Trust

Social media marketing has increasingly become more complex and now offers more opportunities than ever to track success and highlight your brand.

One such social media technology is live streaming. Live streaming is available across a multitude of platforms, most notably Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook’s Live Stream. With an easy setup and immense potential success, live streaming is the key your business needs to start a digital conversation with your audience, while increasing the authenticity and credibility of your brand.

The best ways to use live streaming video on social media:

  • Share Live Events. Allow your audience to take part in events even if they aren’t able to be there. Live streaming events will increase the impact of your efforts beyond your physical attendees.
  • Host Interviews. Live streaming interviews make your brand seem more relatable and personable, and are a great way for your audience to meet your company’s members and even other customers.
  • Showcase Products. A live stream presentation of what you do or what you make allows your audience to see the benefits of your product in an authentic way.
  • Go Behind the Scenes. Live streaming a behind the scenes look can greatly increase your brand’s transparency and credibility.
  • Host Q&A Sessions. Q&A sessions mean you can directly interact with your audience to communicate your brand and answer their questions.

In an age where your audience trusts your brand less and increasingly desires honest two-way conversations, social media live streams create opportunities to increase the reach and credibility of your brand.

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