Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Makes Engagement All The More Important

Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Makes Engagement All The More Important

Facebook tries to determine how likely you are to 'Like' each post, how likely you are to share it and to spend time reading it. Facebook predicts the likelihood of these actions based on several factors.

The factors Facebook uses to assess each individual post are:

  • Who posted it. How often the user engages with content from this user/Page
  • Type of content. How often the user engages with this type of content – e.g. photos, videos, links
  • Interactions with the post. The amount of interactions a post has had infers a relative level of importance/relevance of the post
  • When it was posted. Recency is an important ranking factor, as people want to be kept up to date with the latest news.

Facebook assigns each story with a “Relevancy Score” which is specific to each user and based on their respective predicted levels of interest in each post. The presentation of your News Feed is defined by these relevancy scores.

What does this mean for your business?

These are the basic mechanics of how News Feed works and how the content you see on Facebook is determined.

Given this process, it makes sense that stories from friends and family are going to be given precedence over brand content, as you’re more likely to be engaging with those more personally-relevant posts.

This makes it more of a challenge to get significant organic reach for your page, but it also underlines the need for Page managers to focus on engagement and interaction with their followers, as opposed to using the platform as a broadcast or advertising medium.

Of course you need to tell people about your products but you also have to consider how you’re encouraging interaction and how you’re engaging with your audience in comparison to how they would be interacting and responding to other posts.

The more you can connect with them and generate interaction, the stronger your News Feed signal will be.

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