Duo Magazine - Men In Industry

Duo Magazine - Men In Industry

This month, Managing Director Christian Gordon featured in Duo Magazine. Check out the magazine at www.duomagazine.com.au or read the story below: 

As managing director of digital design, communications and public relations agency 360 Cre8ive Enterprises Christian Gordon says he’s pretty much everything from the cleaner to the accountant, but he is happiest when in the creative zone. “I love the creative process, finding solutions, being innovative, then seeing those ideas in action,” he reveals.

With a background in PR, Christian knows too well just how important a business’ communications plan is. “Many people think they only need PR in times of trouble, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

“A PR strategy is designed to protect your brand, manage your reputation and should be linked with all areas of your business operations. It scaffolds your activity in both the digital and real world. 

“Long gone are the days when consumers relied on the messages advertisers told them. Today we all look for credible product reviews, peer comments and experiences and customer feedback, and we consume this information wherever and whenever we want.

“Video is certainly where marketing is right now and the digital space is accessible, relatively simple to use, cost effective and has potential for all businesses. This mobile 24/7 sales platform is evolving at a rapid rate, and it’s exciting to see where we will be in one, two or five years from now.

“I’ve brought together a talented team, who share my passion, drive and high expectations. I think this is why we are a force to be reckoned with.”

After seven years working in North Queensland, Christian is excited by the potential of not only his business, but also the region.

“There is optimism and inspiration in the business community to drive this region using innovation and social responsibility. All eyes should be on Townsville now.”





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