Content Strategy Tips To Maximise Your Social Media Success

Content Strategy Tips To Maximise Your Social Media Success

Social media is an excellent communication tool and it’s appeal lies in usability and viral marketing opportunities.

The overwhelming number of users on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, means that your social media content is saturated amongst competitors and significant social reach is much harder to achieve. This is why social media planning is more crucial than ever.

Content strategy tips for Facebook and Instagram:

  • Start with a clear goal and cre8ive concept. Compelling posts/ads have a strong concept tied to a clear objective. Whether you’re driving brand awareness, website clicks or app installs, create concepts that align to your campaign goal.
  • Celebrate your brand look and feel. Make your posts/ads branded, and keep strong brand consistency across campaigns. Establish connective elements across your images and videos i.e. colours, photographic style, brand - to make your brand recognisable and memorable.
  • Focus your craft. Ensure your posts are crafted well to enhance the image of your business on both Facebook and Instagram. Posts/Ads do best when they’re well shot, interesting to look at and artistic. What you create should draw people in and keep them wanting more.
  • Consider Photography. A picture paints a thousand words. Take a minute to think about the photo you are going to capture. Think about the photo and the story it is going to tell & the perception about your business. Think about your audience? What do customers want to see – happy smiling, faces – natural.

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